Our mission

‘We want to become the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands.’

This may sound ambitious, and it is. We are aware of this, as it is an announcement with a lot of bravura.

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Our ambition

Our ambition is reflected in the fact that we want to become the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands. The word ‘relevant’ contains task for all of us. Because being relevant is a snapshot, staying relevant is a continuous process.

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Our growth strategy

Whether it is technology, operations, finance or leadership, in all areas we strive to assemble the best collection of qualities to grow together.

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The digital journey

Every company depends on a smoothly functioning IT ecosystem for its success. An ecosystem that contributes to their success by properly supporting business processes, distinctiveness, requirements and wishes of employees and, of course, the customers.

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Our brand values

Inspiring, Connecting and Entrepreneurship are the guiding principles we want to see every day in our contact with our colleagues, our shareholders, subsidiaries, and of course our customers.

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The collection
11 Brands
15 Offices
11000+ Clients
650+ FTE
170M+ Revenue
This is
Delftechpark 35 2628 XJ Delft +31 85 0068 310