Our brand values

Our brand values are the foundation of INTERSTELLAR. They are what we are building our brand and our organisation on. You will find them in everything we do, but also deliberately do not do.

Inspiring, Connecting and Entrepreneurship are the guiding principles we want to see every day in our contact with our colleagues, our shareholders, our associates and, of course, our clients.

The three brand values are also reflected in our logo. The three rectangles stand for Inspiring, Connecting and Entrepreneurship. The rectangles can come together in different permutations to form a collection.

By actively using our brand values and combining them with each other, we tap into our joint potential. This helps our colleagues, our companies, INTERSTELLAR as a group and, of course, our clients grow.

To inspire

Derivations: inspirer; inspiration

Synonyms: to animate, to breathe life into, to impassion


Derivations: entrepreneur; enterprise

Synonyms: doing business, taking on, undertaking, not to be afraid to undertake something big or difficult

To connect

Derivations: connector, connection

Synonyms: to bind together, to bring into cohesion, to form a new substance by the union of the atoms

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