Our mission

‘We want to become the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands.’

We are on a mission and we need ambition and bravado to succeed. Of course, we don’t do this all by ourselves, but with all our companies, colleagues and, of course, with our clients. Because ultimately they decide whether the mission is successful.

The clients’ journey to a digital enterprise is key for us. Their digitalisation requires constant quality, security, innovation and adoption. Every journey is different and the market is constantly changing.

The companies within INTERSTELLAR are ideally placed to guide clients through this process and actually get them to their destination. We are relevant as long as the client remains relevant, which means that we must keep on developing.

That is why we have chosen a unique model. We bring generalist IT service providers together and strengthen them with knowledge from top specialist companies, including in the areas of the cloud and security. Together they form valuable collections.

We use the term ‘collection’ very deliberately. All the associates within INTERSTELLAR are separate, valuable companies, each with their own quality and culture. By joining them in the INTERSTELLAR collection, their combined qualities shine through even better. This allows us to always offer the solution that exactly meets the client’s needs.

In short, we are on a mission: ‘We want to become the most relevant IT service provider in the Netherlands’

Fasten your seatbelts, because it’s going to be a great trip!

Delftechpark 35 2628 XJ Delft +31 85 0068 310