Our history

The companies in the Interstellar collection are successful and profitable. Most of the companies have been active in their regions and fields for decades. In line with technological and economic developments, they have transformed time and again to remain relevant to their clients. To remain relevant in the coming decades, we need to continuously innovate and work with specialists who embrace cutting-edge technology with a strong passion.


Quadrum Capital lays the foundation for Interstellar by investing in Fundaments, a nationally operating, fast-growing and innovative IAAS & PAAS specialist from Enschede.


Quadrum Capital invests in Enschede-based Exite ICT, a Managed Service Provider that was split off from the software developer Sigmax. With Exite ICT we built up a dominant position in Overijssel.

Quadrum Capital invests in DataExpertfrom Veenendaal, a security specialist in Forensics and Analytics, laying the foundation for a broader security proposition within Interstellar.


Quadrum Capital invests in CSN Group, an infrastructure and VDI specialist based in Leusden, laying a solid foundation for complex infrastructures and high-performance computing.

Incorporation of Interstellar in mid-2020. Going forward, investments in and acquisitions of ICT companies are initiated by Interstellar, with support from Quadrum Capital.


Interstellar invests in Solimas, a Managed Service Provider focused on workplaces, networks, hybrid cloud and security with offices in Amsterdam, Barneveld, Den Bosch and The Hague.

Interstellar invests in Pinewood, a security integrator based in Delft. Pinewood, one of the last independent and fully Dutch security specialists, is a welcome addition that strengthens the security proposition of the Managed Service Providers, but also allows for full implementation of the crucial Incident Response service in conjunction with DataExpert.

As of 27 January, all companies in this collection have been merged into Interstellar. All companies continue to operate autonomously under their own identities.

The collection
11 Brands
15 Offices
11000+ Clients
650+ FTE
170M+ Revenue
Delftechpark 35 2628 XJ Delft +31 85 0068 310